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Wrong Diagnosis and Medical Negligence Lawyer

No more what ifs…

Life is filled with what ifs, but when it comes to health, the question of what if? in terms of diagnosis and treatment can be all consuming.

Wrong diagnosis

Wrong diagnosis or treatment can have far-reaching consequences and such occurrences can lead to a claim if:

  • The wrong diagnosis has led to the wrong treatment.
  • The wrong diagnosis has led to a delay in starting the correct treatment.
  • The wrong treatment has meant a delay in the start of treatment and if it can be established that the delay was causative of a worse outcome of the medical condition.
  • A delay in the start of treatment has meant a delay in the successful resolution of the medical condition, (the claim will relate to that period of delay, not the entire period of treatment).

It is worth bearing in mind that a wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment will not necessarily mean a valid claim. For this to be the case it is necessary to prove that the right treatment would have produced a better outcome.  

Utilising their legal expertise, our clinical negligence claim can quickly get to the heart of your case and advise you on whether there is a case to answer. Where there is, the team use their skills to seek the best outcome possible.

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