07 December 2018
The recent news that Katie Price (formerly known as Jordan) has negotiated a deal with her creditors in order to avoid bankruptcy is a useful reminder on how an individual voluntary arrangement (“IVA”) can help debtors in circumstances where they are faced with a bankruptcy petition but have assets or an income, but just require time to pay.
Probate Court fees: snakes and one ladder
27 November 2018
Smith Partnership considers the impact of the proposed increase in the Probate fee regime. You may have heard that the government has resurrected its plan to introduce a sharp increase in Probate Court fees. When the idea was last proposed in 2016 the intended increase was substantial and the government eventually bowed to sustained pressure to withdraw its plans.
Money, Debt Recovery
27 November 2018
Smith Partnership is spreading some good news for those who are owed money. . . Almost daily one of our Debt Recovery team has a conversation with a debtor who claims to have received “advice” that all they have to do is “offer £1 a week and the creditor has to accept this”.
Christmas Shopping and your Consumer Rights
13 November 2018
In the weeks leading up to Christmas, retailers will begin offering products with discounts too tempting to refuse. However, many consumers will find themselves purchasing gifts and other goods, which they decide they wish to return, once the lure of a bargain has worn off.
Fire Safety
07 November 2018
Kevin McGrath, Head of the Business Defence team at Smith Partnership Solicitors, offers some insight into the complex world of fire safety and the circumstances surrounding the tragic Grenfell Tower incident.