16 July 2019
If you’ve been offered a settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement) or are on the verge of entering settlement agreement negotiations with your employer, you may be wondering what steps you can take to deliver the best possible outcome for you. 
Relationship Misconceptions and Considerations in Wills
09 July 2019
There are so many misconceptions about relationships and how a particular relationship status can effect a Last Will and Testament. Here are few common misconceptions that we have heard during clients meetings.   “My Will has been revoked as I am divorced”
28 June 2019
The end of a marriage can be an unhappy and stressful event for all concerned. Following calls for reform, Justice Secretary David Gauke recently announced that divorce law would be updated in an effort to reduce family conflict - including the introduction of no fault divorce.
21 June 2019
The two words “hate crime” are often heard in the current climate - in the press, in the judicial system, and in our societies generally. Anyone may be a victim of a hate crime. In light of Pride Week, this article briefly looks at what hate crime is, and how it is dealt with in the criminal justice system.
Same-sex marriage
14 June 2019
As of 13 March 2014, pursuant to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, same-sex marriage became legal in the UK.  Before this, the only way same-sex couples had legal recognition of their relationship was through a civil partnership. The passing of this legislation also enabled same-sex couples to convert their civil partnership into marriage.