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14 February 2020
As part of Smith Partnership’s support of LGBTQ+ History Month, we will be looking back at key moments in legal history which have advanced LGBTQ+ rights.
06 February 2020
Gone are the days when domestic abuse was something that only happened between man and wife. Thankfully, the law now recognises that domestic abuse can occur between cohabitants, family members, heterosexual couples, lesbian, gay, bi sexual and transgender couples.
30 January 2020
The Government has recently made a change to the Rules of Intestacy by increasing the statutory legacy which passes to a deceased’s surviving spouse or civil partner where they have children.
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16 January 2020
Without prejudice conversations are used by many employers as a means of resolving an employment issue or dispute. Issues regarding underperformance in the workplace, gross negligence, redundancy and grievance may all fall under this category.
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14 January 2020
Employment tribunal rules that ethical vegans are protected from discrimination as it is a philosophical belief