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16 January 2020
Without prejudice conversations are used by many employers as a means of resolving an employment issue or dispute. Issues regarding underperformance in the workplace, gross negligence, redundancy and grievance may all fall under this category.
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14 January 2020
Employment tribunal rules that ethical vegans are protected from discrimination as it is a philosophical belief
21 November 2019
With individuals owning more assets and family structures constantly changing, inheritance disputes are becoming more common and complex. If a dispute does occur following the passing of a loved one, determining exactly who inherits what can be a challenge.
Joint pain
25 October 2019
Repetitive strain injury is a common injury suffered by many workers in the UK. It is a general term used to describe pain and discomfort caused by repetitive actions which affect muscles, tendons and nerves in the upper body.
14 October 2019
Being asked to become a trustee is an important expression of trust. For this reason, it’s important to understand what exactly the duties and responsibilities of a trustee involve before accepting the role.