Commercial law
20 February 2018
From financial matters to specialist IT services, there are times when businesses need to utilise the skills and expertise of external experts. One such area is commercial property law. As a business, it is essential that the process of buying and selling property is undertaken properly and legally if the business is to maximise its investment or minimise any losses.
Accounting negligence
09 February 2018
The financial world can be complex and even the savviest among us can find the world of financial records, tax returns and profit and loss accounts confusing. Therefore, to ensure our finances are kept in order, many of us turn to a professional accountant to handle our affairs.
Disputes with builders
09 February 2018
Whether it is a planned project or emergency repairs, if you are getting work done on your property or workplace, it requires an investment of time and money.
Boundary disputes
30 January 2018
Boundary disputes can quickly become a contentious issue for neighbours, with each party sure they are in the right and unwilling to compromise. If you are facing or currently embroiled in a boundary dispute read on to find out more about what a boundary dispute could mean for your property…
Employment rights
18 January 2018
When we go to work we have the right to expect to be treated fairly and with respect. These expectations are laid down in law meaning that employees, irrespective of profession, working patterns, age, or gender, are protected by employee rights.