Divorce ring
16 January 2018
With January traditionally being seen as one of the busiest months for matrimonial lawyers, indeed the first Monday of the New Year is nicknamed ‘Divorce Day’, with legal firms up and down the country reporting record numbers of enquiries, it is, perhaps, important that we look at the reasons for this as a note of caution.
careless driving
12 January 2018
The UK’s roads are busy and every time we take to the road in our vehicle, the journey calls for our undivided focus and attention. However, there are times, when, for whatever reason, our attention may waver, or we make a poor decision when behind the wheel.
Ruth Jones, Solicitor, Family Law
08 January 2018
The first working Monday in January – this year the 8th January – is often referred to by lawyers and the popular press as ‘Divorce Day’.  Perhaps it is better to refer to ‘Divorce January’ rather than ‘Divorce Day’, but there is no doubt that the early weeks in January are often the busiest for new client queries for matrimonial lawyers.
filing a divorce
04 January 2018
Contemplating getting a divorce is an emotional time and beginning the legal process to end a marriage is often a difficult decision to make.  
Medical negligence - staff
21 December 2017
When we require medical attention, we put our trust in the medical experts whose job it is to care for us. And in most cases, this trust is well placed. According to the 2016 Care Quality Commission inpatient satisfaction survey1, 86% of those surveyed rated their overall NHS inpatient experience as a seven or more out of ten.