What is a will
08 December 2017
Making a will is an essential part of protecting your assets for those you leave behind. And if you have dependants, your will could be used to set out what your wishes are for them in the event of your death, including naming those you wish to care for them.
Full and final settlement
07 December 2017
Worries over money and debt can soon take their toll, leaving people feeling stressed and anxious. Whatever the reasons behind your debt, it is important to deal with the issues you are facing. Ignoring requests for payment or other communications from your creditors will, in the longer term, only make matters worse.
30 November 2017
Debt can quickly creep up on people. Maybe it is because of a period of unemployment, unexpected costs, the breakdown of a relationship or even a lack of understanding of how best to manage your money. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself facing debt you can no longer manage, do not bury your head in the sand and hope that it will go away.
Employment Dispute
08 November 2017
If you are faced with a workplace dispute it can be unsettling. Fear of losing your livelihood and the emotional strain a dispute can cause all add up to make the process stressful. Employers also have much at stake, including a loss of reputation, the costs of defending the case and the time the case takes up. Time that could be spent on growing the business.
08 November 2017
Dealing with the legal aspects of the death of a loved one can be emotionally taxing. Add to this the complexities that come with being the person(s) left to sort through the deceased person’s assets, and it makes for a stressful time. Often unsure of where to start, read on to learn about probate, the process and when you need to seek legal advice.