26 March 2018
Whether you are in the process of writing your will or someone close to you has passed away, you may have heard the term beneficiaries and wonder whether it is something you need to consider.
Drink Driving
22 March 2018
If you have been caught drink driving, you will likely be worried about the consequences and what happens next. A drink driving conviction can have serious ramifications such as impacting your ability to work should the charge lead to disqualification, as well as the financial implications that a large drink drive fine could have.
restrictive covenants
14 March 2018
The legal world is full of terms and complexities that can leave people feeling confused. Cutting through the jargon, we aim to demystify the legal process and ensure our clients are well-informed every step of the way.
landlords and tenants
07 March 2018
The law on tenant’s rights in private properties is clear and details exactly what is expected from a landlord and from a tenant. The law covers aspects of renting a property such as safety responsibilities, rent arrears and anti-social behaviour.
Speeding Fines
27 February 2018
Whether it is hitting 90mph on the motorway or 31mph in a residential area, going over any speed limit is an offence and as such could result in a penalty. The consequences of speeding vary depending on whether the incident is classed as minor or serious. Either way, the process of facing a speeding charge can be stressful.