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Taking many forms, abuse is something no-one should have to live with. While often experienced by women, men too can be victims of domestic violence whether physical, verbal, harassment, bullying, threats or humiliation. The Family Law Act 1996 provides protection for all victims of any domestic violence.

While commonly associated with romantic relationships, in fact, domestic violence can occur in other family relationships too.

We understand that seeking help against domestic abuse is never easy, which is why our approach is proactive, discreet and empathic. A number of our solicitors are Resolution accredited specialists in domestic abuse.

We can help support victims of domestic abuse in a number of ways, including in making arrangements for you and, if necessary, your child(ren) to be housed temporarily in a refuge whilst any injunctive relief is sought.

Injunctions can be taken out to protect you and there are two kinds which can be applied for to offer you protection:

  • Non-Molestation Order - an order advising the person that they cannot harass, pester or intimidate you and must not use or threaten violence.
  • Occupation Order - made to regulate the occupation of a home. It can direct a partner to vacate the home or to only reside in certain rooms.

A court order will tell the person what they can and cannot do and if they breach the terms of the order they will be punished.

Along with your options, the team will also outline the costs of any legal action. In cases where this is appropriate, a member of the team will attend with you and support you throughout the process.

And remember…

  • If you are in immediate danger contact the police for urgent assistance.
  • If you feel you need to leave the home for your own immediate protection it is important that you take any children with you, even if you do not believe they are at immediate risk themselves.
  • If you or your children have suffered any injuries as a result of abuse, we recommend you take photographs and notify your GP as soon as possible.

To find out more and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us.

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