Incorrect Prescriptions

Incorrect Presprictions

When mistakes happen…

While the process for prescribing medicines is usually done via a computer programme, there are instances when the wrong drugs are dispensed. In cases where prescriptions have been incorrectly dispensed there is only a potential claim if it can be established that the patient suffered as a result of taking the wrong medicine. 

Responsibility for ensuring the patient gets the right drugs rests with both the doctor and the pharmacist. Given the prescription printing process within the GP practice, when mistakes do happen, they are generally caused by the pharmacist.

Incorrect dispensing can mean:

  • The wrong drugs are dispensed
  • The right drugs are dispensed but to the wrong patient
  • The right drugs are dispensed but with the wrong strength or the wrong dosage
  • Some drugs are designed to be slow release. If a patient has been prescribed the slow release version of a drug, dispensing a non-slow release version can have bad consequences.

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