Hospital negligence or in residential care home

Hospital negligence or in residential care home

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If you feel that a loved one who is in residential care or receiving hospital care is being neglected it can be extremely distressing and worrying.

Helping to support you through this difficult time and advise on your legal options, our clinical negligence team are on hand and through their jargon-free, proactive approach, can offer a sympathetic ear and advise you on your options.

While not conclusive, as other factors could be at play, obvious signs of neglect include:

  • Bed sores
  • Weight loss
  • Confusion

If you suspect neglect then you will need to start collecting evidence. We would advise you to take photographs were possible and keep a detailed diary. Examples of things to look out for could be meals being left uneaten - while this could be due to a loss of appetite it could also be because the patient is unaware the food is there. Another example could be that your loved one complains of being thirsty but there are no drinks being left within easy reach.

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