Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

The right criteria…

As experts in cases of clinical negligence, our team use their considerable experience and legal know-how to support clients with a wide range of cases following inadequate management after medical treatment.

Weight loss surgery, otherwise known as bariatric surgery, is more commonly performed privately, though is sometimes offered on the NHS. 

When performed on the NHS, monitoring and aftercare is usually good, something that is sometimes missing at private clinics.

Before weight loss surgery is carried out there should be some form of a selection process in place. In private settings, the criteria for weight loss surgery can sometimes be overlooked or be all too easy to fulfil.

Aspects of your weight loss treatment which could constitute negligence include:

  • Inadequate choice of weight loss method and surgery
  • Inadequate management of the condition and the patient post-surgery
  • Too few, or no, follow up visits
  • No access to the surgeon who performed the surgery
  • No access to a dietician

Our caring and sympathetic team are on hand to listen to your experience and advise on whether there is a case to answer.

To find out more and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us.

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