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If you trip or fall and it causes injury, sometimes, you can be entitled to compensation. Our team of experts are able to assess your case and provide you with clear information which outlines your best course of action.

Slipping or tripping can result in serious injury and if this happens in the street, at work or in a shop, the owner of the premises could be accountable. With a legal duty to ensure you are safe in their premises, if this duty is neglected you could be compensated.

We are able to help in cases regarding loss of earnings and where expenses are a direct result of your accident.

If you trip or fall on a section of uneven pavement, be sure to gather photographic evidence of the pavement as this could prove vital when making a claim. If an accident happens on private premises, such as a shop, make sure it is recorded in the accident book, and if you are helped by somebody be sure to get their details, including name and address.  

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