Police and Public Authorities Claim

Police and Public Authorities Claim

Taking action…

The police and other public authorities, including the Crown Prosecution Service, HM Courts and Tribunal Service, HM Prison Service and the National Probation Service have a responsibility to carry out their duties correctly.

The police for example must follow specific rules and regulations and when these rules and regulations are not upheld, the individuals impacted may suffer injury and/or distress.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have suffered ill-treatment or an abuse of power at the hands of the police or other public authorities, you may well be wondering where you can turn for help.

We are members of the Police Action Lawyers Group (PALG) and have a wealth of experience in representing clients on a wide range of professional negligence cases including:

  • Wrongful arrest
  • False imprisonment
  • Assault (use of unreasonable force by officers)
  • Negligence
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Misfeasance in public office (abuse of power)
  • Humans Rights Act claims

We offer free initial assessments and where possible we will attend appointments with prison inmates. No win, no fee agreements can be offered in most cases. To find out more and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us.

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