Clare Buchanan

Chief Financial Officer
Clare Buchanan
Norman House
Practice Areas: 
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In 2011, I joined Smith Partnership as a Practice Accountant. I’m obsessed with qualifications and continual learning and have gained my ACCA, PGDip in Legal Studies and an MBA. I am now focused on improving my softer management skills.

During my accountancy career, I have worked with a vast array of businesses, from farmers to SMEs, charity organisations and housing associations to larger firms such as JCB.

I have a wealth of knowledge in the accountancy and taxation field, along with a strong commercial knowledge developed from my roles both in practice as an accountant and business adviser and financial controller in industry.

I head up the Finance department and I am also the firm’s Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA). I am responsible for a team of seven cashiers and accounts staff who tirelessly safeguard the funds and assets of our many clients and stakeholders.

I do not consider myself a bean counter, more of a business partner who serves the staff around me to help them do the best job they can do. I have worked alongside every business discipline to improve the business model, efficiency and results of the organisation.