Website Compliance

Is Your Website compliant?

If your business provides online services you must make certain information available to the people who use your service.

If you deal with Consumers, Consumers like to know that:

  • their personal and financial details are safe; and
  • they are in a position to enforce their legal rights when making purchases online.

All online service providers

The following information must be made available by all providers of online services:

  1. the name of the service provider;
  2. the geographical address;
  3. contact details (including e-mail);
  4. VAT registration (if any);
  5. details of any relevant supervising authority; and
  6. details on how it can be contacted both electronically and by post.

Limited companies:

If your business is a limited company proving online services, the following information must be made available:

  1. registered company name (including reference to it being limited);
  2. company registration number;
  3. registered office address; and
  4. the part of the UK in which the company is registered.

Members of regulated professions:

If your business is a member of a regulated profession (such as a solicitors/doctors etc.) you must also provide:

  1. details of any professional body to which your business is registered;
  2. their professional title and where that title has been awarded; and
  3. a reference to the professional rules that apply.

Where contracts are concluded online, further information must also be provided, such as the description of the goods and services being sold and the price payable.

Collecting Data

Remember if your business collects and uses personal data, you must comply with the law on Data Protection, that includes registering on the Register of Data Controllers.  To find out more on your data protection obligations please go to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) website


…and don’t forget, you must get consent from the users of your website for your use of "cookies".  For more information on cookies visit

If you require any further information in relation to the above, please contact Saima Shabir, Trainee Solicitor, Company & Commercial Department, Smith Partnership (01332 225 416/