Massive Energy Boost for Local Business Women

At the third anniversary of its Women in Business programme, Smith Partnership and its three event partners were delighted to host a sell-out event on Tuesday 7th March, with fitness expert Kathryn Williams, who provided a massive motivational energy boost for local business women!

The first event for 2017, held at the Mercure Newton Park Hotel, offered 60 local business women the chance to get healthy, with exercise and nutrition tips from local fitness expert and business woman Kathryn Williams, who got the ladies on their feet, waving and shouting out how to improve their lives!

Kathryn Williams, from Zestfit said: “I was thrilled to have been asked to speak to the ladies at Women in Business to help them make some changes during 2017, to improve their body and mind, which I believe will ultimately make them more successful in business – whatever they do.

“The ladies were fantastic and actively joined in all my activities to motivate and help them improve both their mental and physical state. The atmosphere was amazing and I hope they all got some practical tips to boost their confidence and health!”

 Here are Kathryn’s top five tips for improving health: 

  1. Exercise must be fun and varied
  2. Schedule exercise into your diary every week
  3. Be consistent and keep up with regular bursts of exercise
  4. Intensity is key to burning calories, so push yourself
  5. Improve your diet: drink plenty of water and fresh foods each day

Results: If you try the five tips, you will see the desired results without faddy diets!

Women in Business partner, Claire Twells, Partner at Smith Partnership Solicitors said: “We were so pleased to have sold out our first event for 2017 and to have Kathryn give us a huge energy boost to help us think about how we can plan exercise into our busy schedules around work and looking after a home and family.

“We were also delighted to have raised £150 for our chosen charity Every Cloud who arrange for special gifts or experiences for people who are going through breast cancer treatment.

“Kathryn is a mum of two and a business owner, so she understands the stresses everyone faces on a day to day basis. The energy created at the event was brilliant and we know many of the ladies were ready to make positive changes to their lives to improve their health and fitness.”


  • Thursday 6th July (lunch)
  • Thursday 12th October (evening)
  • Tuesday 5th December (lunch)

If you are interested in the events contact the Chamber of Commerce:


P: 08450 710191

Photography courtesy of Joanne Cooper Photography

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