Derby is named in top ten of UK cities for job creation

The independent think-tank Centre for Cities has recently published its annual report, setting out how UK cities are set to fare in the year ahead.  Now in its eighth year, Cities Outlook 2015 provides an annual health check of the UK’s largest cities and towns and Derby fares well for job creation and earnings growth.

According to the report, between 2004 and 2013 Derby saw a net increase of private sector jobs of 6,343, making Derby one of only four cities (including Aberdeen, Barnsley and Coventry) outside of London and the Southern region to reach the top ten. 

Similarly, Derby made the top ten on the average worth of goods and services produced by the city, at £56,900 per worker.  This is no doubt influenced by Derby’s large manufacturing and hi-tech supply chain industry; Derby is named in the report as the city with the second highest number of people employed in the manufacturing sector.

With the growing influence of online media on the way that businesses operate, it is encouraging to know that Derby was identified in the report as one of the best places for super-fast digital broadband in the UK with 85.5% availability; beaten only by Luton and Brighton. 

As well as providing encouraging statistics for business owners, the report paints a positive picture for Derby’s workers too.  In 2014, workers in 14 UK cities, including Derby, earned above the national average of £501 per week and Derby was one of only four of those cities (including Aberdeen, Coventry and Edinburgh) outside of the Greater South East.  Workforce earnings tend to reflect the types of jobs available in a city and so those cities with higher wages tend to have a higher number of high-skilled jobs. 

Derby also remains one of the more affordable cities in which to live, with the average home costing six times the average yearly salary.  This is compared to a national average (outside of London and the South) of 6.7 times average earnings and a huge 13.2 times average earnings in London and the South.  

Further information on the report can be found on the Centre for Cities website at

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