Claire Twells features in Business Pod Cast regarding Debt Recovery


Claire Twells, Head of Dispute Solution and Business Development partner at Smith Partnership, was delighted to have been chosen to feature in a brand new business pod cast to discuss her job role and how individuals and businesses can manage debt.


The 20 minute business inspiration pod cast created by Twentisphere is going live today Monday 17th July. Claire was interviewed by Carl Benfield, founder of the company, which aims to encourage, educate and inspire business leaders with bite sized 20 minute audio post casts.


Click here to listen:


Claire Twells spoke about taking part in the pod cast: “It was very exciting to be asked to be interviewed by Carl, as he asked me to talk about my career so far, and how I became a specialist is dispute resolution and debt recovery law. I hope people find it fun and interesting.


“Since watching the TV show Ally McBeal as a youngster I wanted to be a lawyer, however after studying for a degree in law and practising as a criminal lawyer for a while, I wasn’t sure that the job was right for me. The swanky offices and suits weren’t the reality of the job – it was very challenging work.


“However I explained in the pod cast that I was always extremely passionate about getting justice for my clients so I decided to move over into a commercial law role, working in dispute resolution and debt recovery – this was a great move for me!


“Cash flow is the life blood of any business so by advising people on how to protect their business from when a contract starts to collecting bad debts, is an essential part of my role.


“Twentisphere is a great platform to find inspiration and gain some knowledge about business. Over the years I have found networking and talking to other businesses extremely valuable and I know it has given me extra skills and confidence to improve my own service levels.”


Carl Benfield, founder of Twentisphere spoke about his interview with Claire: “It was great fun speaking to Claire about a very serious business dilemma, debt recovery. She is so passionate about fighting for justice for her clients and willing to add value by offering free advice to other businesses.


“After running a moderately successful business for many years myself, I often wondered why other businesses were booming and mine wasn’t. Then I realised I still had a lot to learn about business, from sales to marketing and cash flow management. I wondered why no-one had taught me this stuff. So I joined forces with some equally curious people to create our own learning platform Twentisphere, offering a series of bite sized 20 minute audio pod casts.


“Claire was a truly inspiring lady and such fun to work with, I know people will really enjoy listening and gain some real insight as to how to approach their cash flow in the future.”


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