Brexit - What now for family law?

Following the seismic shockwaves still reverberating after last week’s shock decision to leave the EU, Smith Partnership, one of largest firms of solicitors in the East Midlands, offers an insight into what the impact of Brexit is going to have for Family Law.

Ruth Jones, Smith Partnership Partner, and Head of the Family Department said: “Like most things it is still too early to tell what will happen. Certainly we have rules and regulations effecting family law in common with other EU countries. For example, we have rules with regards to issue of divorce proceedings, maintenance enforcement issues in other EU countries etc.

“All of which can be changed as and when we leave the EU. The reality is that those particular aspects of our EU divorce are unlikely to be high on the government agenda. So for now procedurally it is business as usual.

“What is perhaps of more immediate concern is the impact on people’s finances as a result of the uncertainty now facing the UK’s economy. There have been predictions of plummeting house prices and diminishing pension values, often the two biggest assets involved in a divorce. There is a possible impact on jobs and share prices.  Only time is going to tell what is going to happen but your divorce lawyer is going to have to be extra vigilant when looking at the value of those assets.

“We will continue to monitor the impact of the countries decision over the next few weeks, months and indeed years, whilst all the while endeavouring to obtain the best outcome for our clients.”

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