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When faced with the loss of your driving licence, the importance of your vehicle in your daily life all too often comes into sharp focus. Whether it is for the daily commute, the school run or attending appointments, your vehicle is most probably essential in maintaining your way of life.

If you are facing driving charges you will no doubt be concerned about what a guilty verdict could mean for you, and the avoidance of penalty points or disqualification will generally be of paramount importance. With so much riding on your ability to drive, we work to make the court see the person behind the charge and the impact a guilty verdict could have on your life.

Our team of expert motoring solicitors and legal professionals are on hand to not only offer straight-talking advice and support, but to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Road traffic law is a growing area, generating a substantial case load in the Magistrates' Court. Motoring law can be complex and it covers a wide range of issues. Charges you may be facing include:

Our experienced solicitors regularly advise both individuals and companies in relation to the whole spectrum of driving offences. Our case load is enhanced by our increased ability to arrange for the transfer of proceedings arising elsewhere in the country to our local court. 

Our team offers clients legal assistance relating to:

We frequently receive instructions from those threatened with penalty-point disqualification. Clients are given an in-depth analysis as to the strength of an ‘exceptional hardship application’ which, if accepted by the court, can result in either a reduced ban or no ban at all. Such applications are increasingly difficult and demand detailed preparation. Advice as to the merits of an appeal will be given in the event of a perceived wrongful conviction or unduly harsh sentence.

Legal Aid is not available for the majority of road traffic referrals - most instructions relate to non-imprisonable charges and public funding is generally only available for offences that can attract a custodial sentence. Private funding will be discussed, in such circumstances, by reference to either an hourly rate or a fixed fee.

Subject to the defendant's financial circumstances, Legal Aid may be available for more serious offences including:

  • High-reading drink driving offences
  • Offences resulting in death or serious injury
  • lmprisonable offences aggravated by previous convictions

In the rare event that proceedings are allocated to the Crown Court, our experienced team of Higher Court Advocates will be on hand to prepare and present the case.

All our clients can expect their case to be dealt with in an open and transparent way, beginning with the initial conversation about the case through to our clear pricing structure, with no hidden surprises.

To find out more and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us.

The Team


Our motoring offence solicitors are experts in their field, who each have the legal know-how you need to get the best possible outcome for your case. The team consists of:

  • Kevin McGrath
    Kevin McGrath
    Managing Partner, Head of Business Defence
  • Andrew Oldroyd
    Andrew Oldroyd
  • Beth McGovern
    Beth McGovern
  • Neil O'Driscoll
    Neil O'Driscoll
  • Mike Kimberley
    Mike Kimberley
  • Adrian Pearce
    Adrian Pearce
  • Stuart Newsam
    Stuart Newsam
  • David Cusack
    David Cusack
  • Kevin Thompson
    Kevin Thompson
    Legal Clerk
  • Sanjeev Siniara
    Sanjeev Siniara
    Legal Clerk

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