Legal Expenses Insurance

What is Legal Expense Insurance?

Some people will have a Legal Expense Insurance policy that may cover some, or all, of the legal costs of your claim.  These can be provided by your Trade Union (if you are a member of one) or as an addition to your motor insurance, your breakdown association membership, your home/contents insurance, or bank account/credit card facility.

You may not be aware if you have a valid Legal Expense Insurance policy and so it would be helpful - as you will see below - to make enquiries of your insurance company as soon as you can to help speed up the process.

Why do we need to know?

The law requires us to check for you to see if you do have any Legal Expense Insurance before we can offer you a No Win No Fee Agreement.

We must check any Legal Expense Insurance policy ourselves to ensure we can properly advise you on the best way of funding your claim to ensure you are fully protected.

What do you need to do?

Just bring with you to your appointment any of the following insurance documents in your name:

Motor insurance policy

Home/contents insurance policy

Breakdown assistance membership details

Details of any insurance policies with your bank/credit card. 


If you are a member of a union then please tell us.

Should you prefer you can send any of the above documents and details through the post to us.  Please send these to us by Recorded or Special Delivery.  We will return the original documents to you by Recorded Delivery once we have copied them for our file.

If you are not sure about Legal Expense Insurance then please tell us and we will help.

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