Landlord and Tenants Solicitors

Landlord and Tenants Solicitors

Landlord's Rights

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As a landlord, the properties in your portfolio represent significant investment and as such, it is important you protect them and ultimately, your future.

Whilst most tenants will treat your property with respect, and care for it as if it was their own, there are occasions when tenancies do not go to plan.

Relationships between tenants and landlords can break down for a variety of reasons including rent arrears and breaches of contract. When faced with evicting a tenant from your property you need practical, straightforward advice to ensure the situation is remedied as quickly and professionally as possible.

Specialising in services for landlords, our expert team can advise on the best process for your particular situation and help you negotiate what can be a complex area of law.

There are two ways that as a landlord you can recover possession of the property and we offer fixed fees for drafting and serving either type of notice, as well as assisting you through the process. Other costs, such as the court fee and fixed legal costs are recoverable from the tenant.

Dealing with difficult tenants or a tenancy that is not going to plan can be stressful and you will undoubtedly want your property back as soon as possible. Getting trusted legal advice from experienced solicitors is essential in resolving the matter, thankfully our experienced Landlord and Tenancy team includes Associate Jak Ward, Solicitor Liam Kreibich and Solicitor Laura Bentley, and Managing Partner Alison Neate and together they offer a straight-talking, caring approach to your case.

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