Do I need a solicitor to get a divorce?

Currently, to get a divorce in England and Wales you have to have been married to your partner for at least one year and you have to satisfy the court that your relationship has permanently broken down.  You have to have a marriage that is legally recognised in the UK; this can include same sex marriages and marriages that have taken place abroad in accordance with that particular country’s own legal requirements.

You do not need to have a solicitor to obtain a divorce, it is largely a paperwork exercise taking place at the local divorce unit to you.  However, solicitors can take a lot of the stress, anxiety and uncertainty out of the situation. 

To get a divorce you need to send paperwork to the local divorce unit.  Alongside the divorce, you and your partner should try and resolve any arrangements for looking after your children and work out how to divide your money and property.  Normally there is no need for either party to attend court in person when dealing with the divorce itself.