Can you stop an adoption?

An adoption order can only be made with the consent of all those who hold parental responsibility or a court order dispensing with their consent. Consent will only be dispensed with if the child’s welfare requires that it should be. This is a very high test and when “nothing else will do”. If the court has made a placement order allowing the local authority to place a child for adoption, an application can be made to revoke the order but first you will need to get the permission of the court. Permission will only be granted if the court has seen a significant change in circumstances since the order was made.

Once a placement order has been made, and subsequently an application is made to adopt the child, the court will only make such an order if the welfare of the child requires it. A parent can seek to oppose the adoption but the court will only allow them to do so if they have the permission of the court. The court will give the permission if there has been a change in circumstances since the placement order was made.