Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Finding a way through…

If you find yourself in a dispute with an individual, company or organisation, it can be stressful and time consuming. Finding an outcome that all parties involved can agree to is of paramount importance, as is dealing with the conflict as swiftly, and cost-effectively, as possible.

Avoiding a possibly lengthy court case is always the best course of action, although, there are times when, for whatever reason, taking a dispute to the next level is the only option.

Our starting point with any dispute is to find out what outcome would be acceptable to the client. In understanding this our specialist team are better able to offer targeted advice in order to help our clients achieve their goals.

Always working in our clients’ best interests, we pride ourselves on our honest, straightforward communication and from the initial meeting we advise clients on the likelihood of achieving their desired outcome. We also outline any other options available to them, such as mediation, as well as the costs of pursuing the case.  

Representing local businesses, national companies and individuals, our Dispute Resolution solicititors is led by Partner, Russell Davies, a specialist in all kinds of dispute resolution. The team also includes Partners, Bally Atwal, Alison Neate and Claire Twells, along with Associates Ruth Ball and Jak Ward

Solicitors, Alice HornsbyLiam Kreibich and Laura Bentley complete the team.

Specialists in all forms of dispute resolution, key services include:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Corporate/shareholder/partnership disputes
  • Landlord and tenant/property disputes
  • Professional negligence claims against solicitors, accountants, architects, financial advisors and other professionals
  • Contractual disputes
  • Brewery litigation

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