Delayed Diagnosis or Treatment

Delayed Diagnosis or Treatment

Without delay…

When facing a medical diagnosis, it is natural to reflect over the journey to diagnosis. While it is hoped that each of us gets swift, expert care at every stage, there are times when the diagnosis of a medical condition is delayed.

In some cases, it can seem that a diagnosis has been delayed, while in fact it is the case that some medical conditions are simply difficult to diagnose.

This delay in itself does not necessarily warrant a claim for compensation. To have a claim it must be established that:

  • The delay in diagnosis also caused a delay in starting treatment
  • If treatment had begun early, there would have been a better outcome

Early diagnosis, and subsequently treatment, does not always mean a better outcome. Sometimes delays of weeks or months do not have a bearing on the condition.

Our clinical negligence team have extensive experience in this area and can review your case and advise on whether there is a case to answer. As a general rule, there is a time limit of three years when it comes to claiming clinical negligence.

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