Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law

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Of course, it is always desirable to avoid court proceedings and seek a mutually agreeable outcome outside of the courtroom.

We do understand though that when it comes to family law matters, emotions often run high and it can be difficult to put aside grievances and hurt feelings and move forward.

In many cases collaborative law is a great solution and sees each party appoint their own collaboratively trained lawyer who will attend meetings with their client to work out the issues at hand.

These informal meetings not only help to resolve lingering issues but also mean that each party has the support, protection and guidance of their lawyer.

Each party, including the collaborative law specialists, are required to sign an agreement from the outset which commits all parties to trying to resolve issues without going to court. Your legal representative in this matter is then unable to represent you in court, should collaboration be unsuccessful.

With this commitment to finding a resolution outlined from the start, the collaboration process often sees all parties motivated to finding a way through.

There are a number of key advantages to opting for a collaborative approach to dispute resolution:

  • Save on court costs
  • Work at a pace which suits you
  • Meetings at a convenient time
  • With a focus on the things which are important to you, matters can be resolved quickly
  • Leaves both parties in control of the final agreement
  • The process prioritises children
  • Legal experts can call upon other experts (i.e. accountants) to help resolve matters

To find out more and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us.

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