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As we venture into the festive season, Smith Partnership is gearing up to help members of the public through a possibly difficult time, dealing with motoring offences; with CO-OP Insurance research* showing ¾ million people would have risked driving while over the limit in 2015. 

Kevin McGrath Head of Motoring Law at Smith Partnership said: “I have dealt with thousands of motoring offence cases over the years and I find December and January to always be a very busy time with calls flooding in from people asking for help with motoring offences. 

“On average 3000 people** a year are killed or seriously injured as a result of drink-driving, so with all the THINK media advertising campaigns and severe penalties, it is surprising that people still take a risk, even when they need a car for work. 

“Whether people are innocent or guilty of an offence, my team offers open and honest legal advice to prepare for court cases, to ensure justice is served and the guilty are punished fairly.” 

If you need to help with a motoring offence the team at Smith Partnership Solicitors have a fixed fee package of £1200 + vat. 

This fixed fee package will provide: 

• A call back within 24 hours from a solicitor 
• Telephone advice with a solicitor 
• Review of all documents 
• Detailed letter of advice 
• Attendance at the first hearing anywhere in the UK 

To find out more about the THINK campaigns visit:   

If you’d like to find out more about the legal services offered by Smith Partnership, don’t hesitate to contact us via Alternatively, speak to a member of our team directly on 0330 123 1229.

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