New Year – New Beginnings – Happy Divorce Day

Ruth Jones, Solicitor, Family Law

The first working Monday in January – this year the 8th January – is often referred to by lawyers and the popular press as ‘Divorce Day’.  Perhaps it is better to refer to ‘Divorce January’ rather than ‘Divorce Day’, but there is no doubt that the early weeks in January are often the busiest for new client queries for matrimonial lawyers.

When the credit card bill lands on the doormat in early January, or when the children go back to school, this often drives people to the lawyer’s office to make enquiries about a fresh start. Recent statistics published by the Office of National Statistics shows that divorce is on the rise again. There is no reason to think that this year will be any different.

The legal formality of getting a divorce in England and Wales is relatively straightforward, but obviously, where there are practical issues with regard to children’s arrangements or financial matters, that can complicate matters.  Legal Aid is still available for family breakdowns if certain criteria are met.  However, anyone thinking there is a quick solution would be wrong.  On average it takes nearly a year for a divorcing couple to reach a financial agreement, but, sometimes, it can be far longer. 

Smith Partnership offer any prospective new client a fixed fee appointment so they can discuss all aspects of a possible separation.  The fixed fee appointment also includes giving comprehensive advice with regard to children issues, financial matters and the divorce process.

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Ruth Jones

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