Relationship Misconceptions and Considerations in Wills
09 July 2019
There are so many misconceptions about relationships and how a particular relationship status can effect a Last Will and Testament. Here are few common misconceptions that we have heard during clients meetings.   “My Will has been revoked as I am divorced”
Wills and Probate Image
10 June 2019
We have seen a recent rise in Will Writers offering cheaply prepared Wills online, and more and more people are taking matters into their own hands by preparing their own DIY Wills. 
Probate Court fees: snakes and one ladder
27 November 2018
Smith Partnership considers the impact of the proposed increase in the Probate fee regime.
Witnessing a Will
04 June 2018
Witnessing a Will is no small responsibility and an important decision to make, both for the witness and the person writing the Will. As part of the Wills Act, witnesses are necessary to ensure the document becomes official and legally binding.
What is a Grant of Representation?
11 May 2018
A Grant of Representation is one of the steps in dealing with a Will and the subsequent Estate. Simply put, it serves as a document to confirm your legal status and ability to deal with the Estate of someone who has passed away.