Drink Driving
22 March 2018
If you have been caught drink driving, you will likely be worried about the consequences and what happens next.
Speeding Fines
27 February 2018
Whether it is hitting 90mph on the motorway or 31mph in a residential area, going over any speed limit is an offence and as such could result in a penalty.
careless driving
12 January 2018
The UK’s roads are busy and every time we take to the road in our vehicle, the journey calls for our undivided focus and attention. However, there are times, when, for whatever reason, our attention may waver, or we make a poor decision when behind the wheel.
Smithpartnership logo
04 May 2017
Smith Partnership, one of largest firms of solicitors in the East Midlands, is informing the public of the new higher vehicle speeding penalties which will come into force today.