Articles for Individuals

16 April 2019
The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire, has announced plans to abolish Section 21 Notices. This could have far-reaching consequences for landlords wanting to recover possession of their properties.
nhs long term plan
27 March 2019
The NHS released their Long Term Plan earlier this year, setting out priorities for health care over the next 10 years. Detailing the specific areas in which the £20.5 billion budget is set to be spent, the plan lays the foundation for the UK Government’s future healthcare strategy.
15 March 2019
The argument that clinical negligence claims are draining the NHS of funds that could better be used for front line services is a common one that is directed at our industry.
08 October 2018
Tinnitus is a common complaint. If left untreated it can become a huge burden on you and your loved ones. To help you understand your rights and the compensation process, we gathered everything you need to know about tinnitus.
Witnessing a Will
04 June 2018
Witnessing a Will is no small responsibility and an important decision to make, both for the witness and the person writing the Will. As part of the Wills Act, witnesses are necessary to ensure the document becomes official and legally binding. Without witnesses, your Will is simply an ‘official looking’ document.