Employment rights
18 January 2018
When we go to work we have the right to expect to be treated fairly and with respect. These expectations are laid down in law meaning that employees, irrespective of profession, working patterns, age, or gender, are protected by employee rights.
Employment Dispute
08 November 2017
If you are faced with a workplace dispute it can be unsettling. Fear of losing your livelihood and the emotional strain a dispute can cause all add up to make the process stressful.
Sexual harassment in the workplace
07 November 2017
The BBC’s Radio 5 Live survey, of 2,031 British adults, found that 37% of all those asked had experienced sexual harassment at work or a place of study.
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27 October 2017
On 20 October 2017, the Government announced its Employment Tribunal Fee Refund Scheme, following the recent judgment issued by the Supreme Court, which declared tribunal fees unlawful.  
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04 May 2017
Smith Partnership Solicitors, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year is advising companies to be proactive as the new regulations on the Gender Pay Gap Reporting comes into force.