28 June 2019
The end of a marriage can be an unhappy and stressful event for all concerned. Following calls for reform, Justice Secretary David Gauke recently announced that divorce law would be updated in an effort to reduce family conflict - including the introduction of no fault divorce.
14 June 2019
As of 13 March 2014, pursuant to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, same-sex marriage became legal in the UK.  Before this, the only way same-sex couples had legal recognition of their relationship was through a civil partnership.
separation rights
25 April 2018
Separating from a partner can be tough, and unpicking a shared life can be messy, expensive and stressful. And, when it comes to dividing assets, such as the home you have shared, emotions can often run high, with both parties feeling they have a claim to the property.
Divorce ring
16 January 2018
With January traditionally being seen as one of the busiest months for matrimonial lawyers, indeed the first Monday of the New Year is nicknamed ‘Divorce Day’, with legal firms up and down the country reporting record numbers of enquiries, it is, perhaps, important that we look a
Ruth Jones, Solicitor, Family Law
08 January 2018
The first working Monday in January – this year the 8th January – is often referred to by lawyers and the popular press as ‘Divorce Day’.  Perhaps it is better to refer to ‘Divorce January’ rather than ‘Divorce Day’, but there is no doubt that the early weeks in January are ofte