27 September 2019
Would an average working week in the UK of 32 hours be viable?
03 September 2019
A study from GQR for the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has shown that many employees are struggling to access the flexible working that they are said to require. Over half surveyed were not offered flexible hours and one in three said that their requests were turned down.
22 July 2019
Employers have a legal obligation to abide by the terms and conditions agreed with an employee as part of a settlement agreement.
16 July 2019
If you’ve been offered a settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement) or are on the verge of entering settlement agreement negotiations with your employer, you may be wondering what steps you can take to deliver the best possible outcome for you. 
07 June 2019
The Trades Union Congress (“TUC”) has done a recent survey on the topic of harassment of LGBT people in the workplace.