15 April 2020
Following recent updates to the Practice Direction Amendments, amongst many matters, certain changes have come into force effective from 6th April 2020 which affect Practice Direction 22 (relating to Statements of Truth) and Practice Direction 32 (relating to Evidence).
christmas tree
13 November 2018
In the weeks leading up to Christmas, retailers will begin offering products with discounts too tempting to refuse. However, many consumers will find themselves purchasing gifts and other goods, which they decide they wish to return, once the lure of a bargain has worn off.
16 May 2018
With access to ever cheaper forms of technology and a desire to add extra security measures to your home or business, the use of CCTV and other surveillance equipment has become more popular.
Boundary disputes
30 January 2018
Boundary disputes can quickly become a contentious issue for neighbours, with each party sure they are in the right and unwilling to compromise. If you are facing or currently embroiled in a boundary dispute read on to find out more about what a boundary dispute could mean for your property…
08 November 2017
Smith Partnership, one of the largest firms of solicitors in the East Midlands, understands the commercial issues that are coming to light, following EU referendum BREXIT vote in June 2016.