21 November 2019
With individuals owning more assets and family structures constantly changing, inheritance disputes are becoming more common and complex. If a dispute does occur following the passing of a loved one, determining exactly who inherits what can be a challenge.
14 October 2019
Being asked to become a trustee is an important expression of trust. For this reason, it’s important to understand what exactly the duties and responsibilities of a trustee involve before accepting the role.
filling form
03 October 2019
In the wake of a bereavement, going through an inheritance dispute is the last thing that any party will want. This can be a very stressful, emotionally upsetting and confusing affair for many people.
last testament and will
19 April 2018
When someone dies, their belongings, such as their home, their savings, investments and personal effects, becomes known as their ‘estate’. Through a legal process, called probate, this estate is distributed in accordance with the deceased’s wishes where a will has been left.
04 May 2017
We have been closely monitoring the impact on future inheritance claims, as a landmark legal battle concluded on 15th March 2017, resulting in three animal charities winning a case at the Supreme Court against a woman cut out of her mother’s Will.