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What is a power of attorney?


A power of attorney is a legal document which allows you to formally appoint someone to be able to manage your affairs for you if you become incapacitated in any way. The document covers both the occurrence of a physical and mental incapacity and will authorise your attorney to manage your financial affairs and make decisions about your health and personal welfare.

What is a grant of probate?


A grant of probate is a court issued certificate which authenticates a person’s will after they have died and is the document which formally appoints the executor.

When should I make a will?


As soon as you are aged over 18 years old. If you only have £1 in your bank account, you can still leave this money to your chosen beneficiary.

I want to challenge a will, do I need a solicitor?


It is a very sensible idea to speak with a solicitor about the process of challenging a will. We can fully inform you about how the law operates and we can assess the strength of your claim.

I need a will, how much will it cost?


Our prices start at £165 + VAT for a single will and £225 + VAT for a mirror will.