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Wills & Inheritance
Death and your business
This briefing note looks at what can happen to your business in the event of your death, and measures you can put in place to limit the impact.
Wills & Inheritance
Lasting Powers of Attorney
A short guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney - a legal process in which 'the donor' gives the legal right to 'the attorneys' to manage either your affairs.
Wills & Inheritance

A Dozen good reasons for making a will

Writing a Will is one of the most crucial preparations you can make when planning for the unexpected.

Wills & Inheritance
Provision for disabled beneficiaries in your Will
Notes regarding how any disabled beneficiaries can best be provided for, with consideration given to any decline in their future capacity.
Wills & Inheritance
How you might own a property in joint names
A look at two ways of jointly owning a property: Joint Tenants; and Tenants in Common. Also discussing the severance of a Joint Tenancy.
Wills & Inheritance
Notes on Living Wills

Information on what to do should you become unable to tell people your wishes about your medical treatment and can no longer take part in decisions about it.

Wills & Inheritance
Placing your Life Policy into Trust
If the value of your Estate exceeds the current Inheritance Tax threshold you should consider making a gift of the Policy into a Trust. This booklet provides an overview.
Debt Recovery
Distress for Rent
Distress for rent is one of the techniques that a landlord can use to make good debts of a tenant. This briefing note outlines the processes that must be put in place.